Monday, 25 May 2015

Beware of fraud moving companies

We see a mushroom growth of movers and packers in every part of the country. However, it is important to choose a company wisely when moving your precious items. Make sure you settle for an experienced and reputed provider who has the required skills to transfer valuables without initiating any form of damage.

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Movers and packers have a very important role to fulfill. They are trusted with our valuable possessions including furniture, electronics, and other such expensive items. Therefore, it is important to find out about their reputation in the market. You can ask your neighbors or friends for recommendation. If there are no references, you must check all the legal documents, including copies of trade licenses, incorporation certificates, bank account, phone numbers, valid office address, email address, and the like. You can also ask the provider to give you references so that you can cross check and find out about the quality of their service.

Identify fake companies from genuine ones

If you call an online packing and moving company and get a response like "Hello Packers and Movers" or "Hello Moving Company" think twice before hiring them. Most often than not, these companies are not genuine. The operators should always use the company name when responding to a call. Apart from this, you must also think twice about hiring a company that simply offers the lowest rate.

Compare quotations

After going through your items, the moving company will offer you a quote. Do not trust a provider who is willing to give you extraordinary discounts. Also, make sure you approach at least three companies to get an idea of the rates. Choose a provider that is requesting for a moderate price for moving your valuable items damage-free to your destination. In addition to this, you must also calculate the price for transferring your goods based on the hours the provider will take. For instance, if it takes four hours to transfer your goods, the company should charge you for four hours and not for the whole day.

Take photos of the truck carrying your goods

You should always stay alert when doing business with a moving company. Take pictures of the truck and note the license number of the driver. If possible, follow the automobile with your car and be present at the time of loading and unloading of items. Do not shy away from counting the number of items loaded and unloaded in front of the staff.


An important thing to check before signing up with a mover and packer is whether it is offering full insurance coverage. The provider you choose should be able to explain clearly about the items covered by insurance. This ensures that in case of an accident, the company will pay for the damage caused to the valuables during shifting.

Ask for the contract copy

You should keep a contract copy signed by both the parties. There are basically two kinds of contracts - non-binding and binding. Binding contracts have a fixed cost. In a non-binding contract, the provider will prepare the contract after weighing each item, services offered, distance travelled, etc. Most genuine packing and moving services will give you a contract copy without you having to ask for it. 

Apart from following these steps, you can also get in touch with BBB for references and help.