Thursday, 25 June 2015

Moving to a New Place: Best Ways for You to Pack

If packing for a one-week vacation can be an ordeal, one can imagine what a terrible  ordeal it would be to pack to move from one residence to another. Not a lot of people enjoy the experience! But, if you are pro-active and well organized, things won’t seem so bad. Here are a few tips that will help make packing to move fun and easy!


Gather the required packing supplies

The first thing on your agenda should be to collect the required moving boxes and packing supplies. Make sure you buy different sizes of good quality boxes and other materials.

Write down a checklist of things you will need 

  • Bubble wraps
  • Padding supplies
  • Wrapping sheets
  • Scissors
  • Packaging tape
  • Newspapers
  • Marking pens
  • Labeling stickers

Use old clothes for padding

Instead of spending hard-earned money on endless bubble wrap or packing or foam peanuts in bulk, use your clothes for padding. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but also since you have to pack your clothes anyway, this technique kills two birds with one stone.

As for delicate items such as glassware, wrap each glass in a sock. This way, even if they clink, they'll be just fine.

Create a packing station at your house

Create a wide-open space to keep your packing materials, boxes, tape, pens and labels. Drag and drop your stuff here is ‘start the packing process’. When you’re packing and sealing boxes, put a unique number on each one of the containers, in addition to the contents and room label. By doing this, you’ll know just how many containers you have and if one of them is missing.

Pack a box for each family member

These boxes will come in very handy once you’ve moved to your new residence. Put in a toothbrush, a small bar of soap, toothpaste, towel, some "relaxing" clothes, and anything else you think each member will need while all their other stuff is in other boxes. Make sure you keep these suitcases or boxes in a safe place where they will not be jumbled with everything else. Carry them with you in your car or whichever way you are traveling.

Use the right technique to pack the boxes

Make sure you wrap every item properly with sufficient layers of bubble wrap, wrapping sheets, or clothes. Place the items with extreme care to avoid damages. Place lighter items on top, and heavier items in the bottom. 

  • Pack items such as toys, books, etc. in smaller boxes. However, do not over pack the boxes to avoid breakage.
  • Pack breakable or fragile items with extra attention and care. If needed, use more wrapping layers or bubble wraps to cover such items.
  • Use crushed papers or wadded newspapers to fill out empty spaces of cartons or boxes.

If you have any last minute items left, place them together in one room. In addition, when the truck is good to go and the movers tell you that they have loaded everything, check every room for the last time. Make sure nothing is left behind. Once you are sure you have loaded everything, it is time to close the door and leave for your new house!