Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hiring the Best Movers: 5 Serious Problems You Must Foresee and Avoid

When it’s time to make a big move, and you have stuff you can’t take along, it is really crucial to obtain a proper self-storage unit to pack in the extra items. There may be many choices of storage facilities in your city. However the actual choice can be a pretty daunting and overpowering task. Depending on the items you intend to store, here are   five big mistakes you must avoid to ensure the safety of your goods. 


1. Hiring someone on phone or through the internet without actually looking at the storage unit in person

Make sure you visit the storage facility and check out the quality of the units being offered. Some providers will show you a clean unit but rent you a bug-infested, dirty basement one. Therefore, be firm if you need to and ask them to show you a unit other than the one the company has kept as a sample.

2. Not doing your research before hiring a storage facility

It is important to check the reviews and look up the facility on Yelp and Google Places. You obviously can’t believe everything that’s said about a company, but if the majority of the reviews are bad then you may want to stay away. Online reviews may also offer you some insight into the things you may want to look for when visiting a storage facility.

3, Not visiting at least three storage facilities before signing up

Do not sign up with the first storage facility you come across. Visit several units in different parts of the city before you call back and sign up. Read through the entire contract and make your lawyer go through it as well. Once you have visited multiple places and have reviewed all the documents, take out time to consider which company is most convenient for you, and then sign the contract.

4. Not taking security into consideration

Security is a very crucial and realistic feature that you must take into consideration when hiring a storage facility. Tight security offers a sense of assurance that all your belongings will be safe. When you visit a facility, make sure you are offered features such as security alarms, video monitoring, on site staff, motion sensors and private entrances. These attributes help to secure your precious items, while giving you exclusive access to your unit by providing you personalized swipe cards for your self-storage unit.

5. Hiring the cheapest storage provider

It may be a big mistake to choose a storage facility based mainly on the price. Many companies offer competitive rates, however it's important that you also take the services into consideration. Is the facility clean? Do they offer temperature-controlled units? Is there enough security to keep your goods safe? Remember, if you want to keep your belongings safe, price should never be the deciding factor.

Picking the right storage facility can be an extremely overwhelming process. Therefore, it is important to be wary of these common mistakes and avoid them when scouting for storage facilities.