Friday, 28 August 2015

Packing supplies checklist for a smooth move

When relocating or moving, one of the most important things in our mind is to make sure our household goods reach the new destination in tact and scratch free. The best way to ensure a smooth packing is to start by creating a good packing list and buying the right packing and moving supplies. Here are some essentials that will make it easier for you.

                  Packing supplies checklist for a smooth move

Moving boxes

The first things to add to your list are moving boxes. To save money, boxes can be bought from a grocery store or wine/ liquor store. For exact sizes, you can shop for boxes online or in stores such as home depot. 

Here are a few sizes that come in handy for a 5-6 room house:

  1. 15-20 small boxes
  2. 10 medium sized boxes
  3. 10 large boxes
  4. 5 extra-large moving boxes
  5. 6 wardrobe boxes
  6. 5 heavy duty boxes
  7. 2 electronics boxes
Specialty boxes

Normally the above-mentioned list will suffice. However, for specialty items such as framed artwork, large mirrors, printers and computers, you may have to buy other supplies.

Mirror and artwork boxes are shaped to fit and come with frame protectors. Frame protectors are used to secure the corners of the fragile items to prevent them from damage during the transit. Corrugated cardboard can help protect glass surfaces and can separate the items while in transit.


The more organized you are, the easier and faster the move. If you buy items such as a box cutter, scissors, pre-printed labels, markers and packing peanuts, you will be able to pack more quickly. Another item that is highly recommended when it comes to packing is a tape dispenser. Tape dispensers help in saving time and frustration!

Packing Wrap, Cushioning, Protection

Plain newsprint and brown paper: wrap items in brown paper or plain newsprint to keep them from getting dirty. However, do not use newsprint to wrap sensitive surfaces, such as lampshades.

Foam: foam for extra protection.

Stretch wrap: This extremely stretchable film comes in very handy to protect surfaces and to keep together things such as ski poles.

Inflatable bags: These can be used to fill up empty spaces.

Box cutter: Sharp blade to open up tough materials.

Mattress covers: To protect mattresses from rips and punctures.

Markers: Range in price and utilities, including markers that can write on tough surfaces such as plastic and glass

Labels: Following labels can come in very handy when packing and marking the boxes.

  • Custom printed labels such as, 'Kitchen', 'Fragile' or 'This End Up'
  • Pre-printed labels to fulfill common needs
  • Blank labels: different sizes printed on a single sheet from your computer

Your time is precious and paying a little attention towards collecting the right packing supplies will offer you much needed peace. If you find this difficult, then offloading this work to professional packers can take away in full the pressure and stress, and save all your time.