Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How Decluttering Your House can Help You Pack Better

When you’re planning to sell your house, one of the biggest challenges of staging is de-cluttering. Many a time, people have too much stuff to pack. Rather than throwing everything in boxes haphazardly, why not combine the process of decluttering with getting on with packing by doing it in an orderly way? Since there will be no rush, you will do a better job. You will also have the time to create a packing and labeling system that will make the process of unpacking easier.

                              How Decluttering Your House can Help You Pack Better

What you should pack

  1. Things that you plan on selling or donating
  2. Out of season clothes
  3. Things you use only during certain times of the year
  4. Things that you make use of rarely
  5. Personal stuff such as family pictures
  6. Things that are breakable or valuable, such as expensive jewelry
  7. Extra sets of sheets, plates and utensils
In addition, box up items you are not planning to take with you:

  1. Items you wish to sell
  2. Items you wish to donate
  3. Things you plan on throwing away
  4. Items you do not need, like, or use and intend to get rid of
  5. Things that are damaged or broken and need repairing

Packing ideas and methods 

Label all boxes by number and assign a number to each room. For instance, #1 boxes go into the master bedroom, #2 boxes go to the living room, and so on.

Label all boxes by writing down the name of the room on the box. You can also use a different color for every room, so you can write Living Room in orange on each box that belongs to the living room. You can also use colored stickers rather than markers. You can even combine room names with the number system described above.

Make a master list. You can consult the master list if you need something after you move, or when you still have your items packed in the storage of your new house. For instance, let's say you throw a party and need that second set of dishes; you can just look at your master list and know which box to open.
These are only a few ideas. Make sure you do what works for you the best. Choose and pick and coordinate what is convenient to you. However, make sure of one thing: keep it consistent. Also, if you have kids, make packing a fun. In fact, you can make it a sort of a contest, and you may even offer rewards. Permit your little ones to have their friends come over to help out. Let them have the money from items they decide not to take with them, and encourage them to donate to charity or sell at a garage sale.

Another way to make decluttering and packing easier is to hire professional movers and packers. They are highly proficient in packing and moving your stuff carefully without any damage.