Friday, 25 December 2015

To Hire or not to Hire a Moving Company: That’s the Question!

A lot of people are plagued by this question when they are about to move. And just like most other questions, the answer divides people into two equally strong camps; the opinions stem from factors such as money, time, complexity and difficulty of the move. If you happen to move across a city, a self-move is definitely sensible. But moving across the country is an entirely different proposition. To make sure you take the right decision, here are listed for you a few things you need to consider carefully.

                                To Hire or not to Hire a Moving Company: That’s the Question!

How much stuff do you have to move?

If you have a lot of stuff, you will have to rent a truck. To get a general idea of the right size of a truck you need to move your things, make use of the following truck-size guide that most truck rental agencies offer.
  • 4+ bedrooms: 26'
  • 3-4 bedrooms: 24'
  • 2-3 bedrooms: 17'
  • 1-2 bedrooms: 14'
  • Apartment: 10'

How far do you have to move?

When planning to make a move, it is important to calculate the total distance in order to make sure you have the right estimate of truck rental and gas costs. Online distance calculators can offer correct estimates of the distance, while fuel calculators can provide an idea of how much you will have to pay for the gas. It is important to consider both the costs before deciding on a rental.

How much time do you have?

If you intend to move on your own instead of hiring a professional mover, here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

1. Do you have enough time to pack your belongings, load them and drive the truck to the destination?

2. Are there people – family, friends, colleagues or neighbors – who are willing to help you – who can lend a hand in packing, loading and moving?

3. Does your stuff contain special or fragile items which require careful and special handling? Is it possible to move such items yourself?

4. Is it possible to rent extra supplies/equipment or hire hands to move bigger items?

5. Are you sure that you can move your belongings safely?

6. Have you added hidden costs that come up during the move such as packing supplies?

If time is important to you, then there are many other options that you can weigh: from hiring some hands to pack and load to unload and unpack, or hiring hands just to load and ship your household.

Hiring a mover

Once you've found clear answers to all the questions listed above, you can act accordingly. Call up at least three moving companies – should you decide to hire a mover - and ask them for a sample quote on the phone. Many of these service providers may insist on visiting your house for an estimate. In case you’re not comfortable with it, request them for a ball park figure.

After a thorough research and analysis, you can finally decide which course you wish to take – whether you intend to make the move on your own or hire an expert to help do it for you. Whatever be the course, make sure you take your decision after weighing all the pros and cons.