Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Packing and Moving a House Room by Room

You can take this as a sure-fire guide to packing and moving your home. You will not need anything else excepting packing supplies and time. Here is how to pack and move a house room by room.

Packing and Moving a House Room by Room


Your kitchen is the most overwhelming part of the house, with so much stuff.
  • Before moving, choose those items that you are planning to take with you. Get rid of the rest which you don’t need any more.
  • Put aside those things that you will need on your last couple of days in the current house. Prepare and name a box of essentials – those things that you will need for the first couple of days in the new house. Put into this box food items, cutlery, dishes, dishtowel, cleaner, dishcloth, soap, and the like. Let them all be packed with care.
  • Pack unopened bottles with care: liquor can easily go in early on. Food items in  sealed glass bottles can be the next pack shelves and drawers: begin by packing things in the messiest drawer. Get rid of any item that you no longer use. Pack the cutlery next ensuring that you keep a complete set per family member.
  • Pack dishes: the plates, bowls, glasses and stemware. Take your time while packing to make sure everything is properly secured.
  • Pack pots and pans. Make sure you put one all-purpose pot into your box of essentials and pack the rest.
  • Make certain you get ready all the large appliances properly for the move. This should be done a day in advance. Hurried and careless packing would lead to broken parts, gas leaks, and damaged appliances.


Packing and moving the bedrooms can begin with the least used rooms first. These bedrooms, after packing, can be used as storage space for already packed boxes as well as for dismantled furniture.

The next step is to clear the bedrooms most used. Start by clearing up the closet: sort clothes into two piles – "don't keep" and "keep". For clothing, make use of large-sized containers; fold clothes carefully before putting them inside. To make unpacking easy, keep contents on hangers and just fold them inside the box.

Take inventory of the furniture in the bedrooms, and the extent of time they will take to dismantle and prepare for your move.


Bathroom is the smallest in the house; it is the place that needs a lot of patience, as you have to go through every single drawer and shower caddy to decide what to dispose of or pack.

Start by sorting out the medicine chest, cupboards, vanity and drawers for any medicine tubes, bottles, or jars.

When going through toiletries, be meticulous about what you want to move to the new location. Make sure the caps or lids of these items are tightened properly and the tubes and bottles closed tight. Make use of zippered plastic bags to deal with leaks.

Home office

Moving a home office requires a lot of planning. Here are a few steps you can take to make your move comfortable and smooth.

Buy envelopes or file folders with fasteners. Purchase some labels. Sort all your documents into different envelopes/folders. In case you're making use of colored envelopes/folders, create a system that is color-coded, so that you can find things at a glance.

The next few things you should devote attention to would be the rest of the furniture in your living room, study, and other places, computers, TV, wall hangings, HVAC systems, fridge, etc.

The more organized you stay with the packing and moving, the better results you will achieve.

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