Thursday, 24 March 2016

How to Help Your Family get ready for a Move?

Planning a move? This post will get you started from breaking the news to helping your family members get ready for the D-day.

                    How to Help Your Family get ready for a Move?

Prepare your kids for the move

The one thing most children don’t like is change. They don’t normally like to leave behind friends, haunts and environs. And moving to another house is one of the biggest changes they will have to make. So the best way to make a move successful is to make sure that your children get involved as part of the whole process from the beginning.

Preparing your children to move is an important step. Let them take their time to accept the idea. This will get them around to participate in the decision making, and thereby have a sense of control. Giving them the responsibility of planning to pack and organize their own room is the best way to start.

Dealing with the emotional stress of moving

Moving can make you and your spouse emotional; you fear the unknown environment, and it’s important to handle your own stress. Here are a few ways that can help you keep your cool.

Get organized: Most people, when they have to move, run out of time for planning and organizing the move. The truth is, the more organized you are, the more likely you have less stress and make the move smoother.

Think about the “what if” scenarios: Try anticipating all the things that are likely to go wrong in the new location; discuss with your family and find solutions to those problems. For example, what if the movers don't show up? What if you don’t get a truck on time? Things are bound to go wrong, and for avoiding last-minute stress, make a list of rental agencies, back-up movers, friends you can call for help and so on.

Be relaxed and have fun: Think of moving as a chance for a positive change – a better job, a quieter town, or getting away from bad neighborhood and bitter experiences. Moving can be thought as an opportunity for bringing about a transformation in your life with promises of greater happiness.

Find the best school for your children

If you're moving to a new town, city, or neighborhood, you will have to find a new school for your children. There are several helpful websites that are dedicated to make things easier for you. Also, you can get in touch with your prospective neighbors in the new place, who have kids. They can give you useful tips.

Keep your family in good health during the move

The following are a few things, which you need to attend to when you plan a move; they are not directly related to moving; nevertheless, unattended to, they can create complications on your moving. 

Stocking medicines: It’s important to check prescriptions of your family members to make sure you have enough stock to last through the move. Safer to buy at least a month’s supply for any chronic conditions. 

Transferring prescriptions: Ask your local pharmacist to transfer your family prescriptions to a dispensary near your new neighborhood. Your pharmacist will be able to recommend the best retail store there.

Gather and pack family health records: It is very important that you ask your dentist, physician, and other healthcare experts for copies of medical records of your family. These records must include medical history, scheduled and current vaccinations, latest test results, medications, allergies and the like. They are all required at the place of relocation.

The tips given above will ensure that your move is safe and smooth, and your family welcomes the relocation happily and positively.