Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Unpacking Services: Are They a Good Option?

In order to decide whether you need the help of an unpacking service, you should know what to expect from such service providers, and the services they actually provide. Listed below are some useful tips for you.

                  Unpacking Services: Are They a Good Option?

When it is a good idea to hire an unpacking service

If you have a low budget, then it’s all the more important for you to weigh your decision carefully. You may hire a professional service provider under the following situations:

  1. Your work schedule is tight and you have no extra time to unpack;
  2. You are a stay-at-home parent, and it’s difficult for you to do all the unpacking, while taking care of the kids simultaneously;
  3. You have packed all your things on your own, and the thought of unpacking them all on your own again makes you anxious;
  4. You have saved a lot of money, you still have some moving money left and can afford a professional unpacker;
  5. You have to unpack with great urgency (for example, you have moved during the holidays and are scheduled to host some function in your new house, and you have only a week before the relatives arrive).

What an unpacking service includes

Every unpacking service is different from every other. Therefore, it's a good idea to inquire about the company’s full range of services. You can expect them to include the following:

  1. Unpacking all the boxes
  2. Unwrapping the items
  3. Wiping the shelves
  4. Putting away all items
  5. Organizing the house from the linen closet to the kitchen cupboards and drawers
  6. Setting up items such as hanging pictures, adjusting the clocks, etc.
  7. Assembling all furniture, such as desks, beds, and tables
  8. Unpacking and organizing all clothing and making beds
  9. Removing and recycling packing materials and boxes
Unpacking service providers know where every item goes

If you hire a good unpacking service, they do have long experience of unpacking and organizing many households. Normally they complete job without bothering you. However, you can fine-tune their services indicating your preferences, if necessary.

Cost of hiring an unpacking service

Prices may vary depending on how big your house is, and how quickly you need to complete the unpacking job. Most companies complete the work in a day. But, if you need to complete unpacking in a few hours, they are likely to charge you extra.

Everyone's different from every other; while some love the idea of ‘do it all yourself’ – packing and unpacking, others feel overwhelmed at the very thought of settling down at a new place. If you belong to the second category, it is best to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Research about your options and come up with a service provider who can offer you the best services at a competitive price. Make sure you read about the company’s reputation before hiring them.