Friday, 24 June 2016

Easy and Quick Unpacking: An 8-Step Plan for you

Unpacking can be a challenging task. To do it right, it is important that you have a plan to avoid getting lost in this task. Experts suggest that the most efficient way to unpack is to start with one room at a time.

Arranging all your things should be easy, if you have already obtained the plan of your new house. If there is a need to rearrange furniture in the living room, bedrooms, and dining room, create a plan first. Assembling larger pieces of furniture can be done only when you know where they have to be placed.

Easy and Quick Unpacking: An 8-Step Plan for you

Here is an 8-step plan for you to ensure that your unpacking is done more effectively.

1. Keep a copy of the inventory list

Make sure you keep safely a copy of the inventory list. It can be the one the movers usually provide to you, or the one you created on your own.

2. Unpack the ‘essentials’ box

When starting to unpack, one of the first boxes to be cleared should be the ‘essentials’ box. This container must have everything essential you will need for the first few nights in your new house.

3. Unpacking the kitchen

If you have labeled the boxes properly, you should be able to locate easily what kitchen things you will need first in the new place. Line the cupboards and unpack the things you will need more immediately, including pans and pots. Install all the major appliances like the toaster and coffee pot that will make life easier.

4. Putting the beds together

Once the essentials are unpacked, put the beds together. Get the linens out for every bedroom. After a tiring day of labor, it will be good to have a bed ready to sleep on. 

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5. Unpacking the bathroom

When it comes to bathroom essentials, unpack first the things that you will need the most such as, the shower curtain, toiletries, medication, and towels.

6. Unpacking the bedrooms

Bedrooms can be unpacked by every family member. Again, closet organization or furniture placement must be completed first before unpacking.

7. Unpacking the garage

Since garage items are not essential, try organizing the area before you begin to unpack. Get all the equipment or tools you will need to keep the area functional. This can include storage boxes, extra shelving, and the like.

8. Finishing off with the patio

You can unpack and set up the patio items at your own convenience. However, if you have shifted during the summers, you can set up the barbecue first, so that you can cook without needing pans or pots. In fact, you can have your first meals right off the tinfoil. There would be very little cleanup and fuss.

You can take out time to enjoy the new space, after you have completed the process of unpacking. Set out a few hours every day or during the weekends to make sure you get the job done to your full satisfaction. This will also give you the time to explore your new neighborhood and gel with your new neighbors.

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