Wednesday, 13 July 2016

7 Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

You need to  be cautious and proactive when you move; if you’re not, moving mistakes can occur, leading to loss of money, waste of time and the agony of facing avoidable hardships. Listed below for your benefit are seven moving mistakes you should definitely avoid.

                   7 Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Lack of planning

It’s good to act on impulse on certain occasions, but not when you want to move. Even if it’s an emergency move to be made in less than a week, you must make a plan of your move – about how you will tackle things that have to be done. Otherwise, many things might go wrong: from losing/damaging your things during the move to facing a last-minute hitch in transportation.

2. Hiring the first mover found on Google search

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is hiring the first mover you find on Google search.  Choosing a right mover can have a huge positive impact on your move. Bad and fraudulent movers are out there with angel-like appearance! Therefore, make sure you research well and do your homework, checking credentials before hiring a mover.

3. Hiring a mover without a quote in writing

Make sure you get a quote in writing: you should have a solid contract with which you can act, if anything goes wrong during the move.  Although a written agreement does not protect you completely, it offers a bit of security for both parties. Many people accept verbal agreements or take a quote on phone. It is fine for starters, but make sure you have everything in writing before the move.

4. Not booking a moving truck in time

You do require a moving van or truck, if you plan on moving yourself. Make sure you book the moving vehicle well in advance. Research about things you will need to know when hiring,   including the right size, pricing, etc.

5. Not allocating a moving budget

Budget allocation is always a great way to ensure the best value for every dollar to be spent.  Since moving is an expensive task, allocate a well-thought-out budget.  If you draw up a carefully estimated budget, you will find several areas where you can save, and also be prepared for unexpected costs.

6. Not making an inventory of items for moving

Before packing, you must make a careful inventory of all the items. Take note of the larger items and the total number of boxes as well. It is easy for things to get lost while moving, and you will certainly need a list for reference. If it is an international move, you require an inventory to hand over to the customs.

7. Not sorting things before packing

Most people are unaware that sorting things before the move helps getting rid of unwanted things. The occasion of moving is the right time, if not late, to do it; if you fail to do it, you are saddled for ever with all those things which are of no use to you.

It’s imperative that you avoid all the seven moving mistakes described above, which can impact badly your savings, peace of mind and precious space in the new residence!