Wednesday, 24 August 2016

6 Common Moving Myths Debunked

Many people may tell you that hiring a mover, or moving in general, is an unpleasant experience.  The reason: moving myths that have no substance! When they are debunked, you will feel they are at best false opinions. This is what is exactly done in this post!

6 Common Moving Myths Debunked

Myth 1: Any box will do

Most people suggest for moving purposes, used cartons picked up from local liquor or grocery stores.  However, this idea may not be great.  Boxes have to be sturdy with flaps that are uniform in size and free from damage.  If you use boxes not provided by your mover, you risk packing your belongings in boxes that will not stay intact during the move, leading to possible damage or loss.

Myth 2: There is no need for special packing supplies

It is definitely easy to pick up any pen from your desk, but not every pen mark lasts.  Markings of a permanent marker pen on boxes do last longer. In addition, use strong adhesive packing tapes to secure boxes – not fancy tapes that may peel off within seconds after the packing is done.

Myth 3: Always move on a Friday

Most people think it is best to move on a Friday because the entire weekend is available to unpack and settle down. You may have a lot of weekend time, but you will not definitely be the only one moving; many others think like you and want to move on a Friday.

Movers are, therefore, busiest over the weekends. You can guess easily the consequences: you end up paying more for your move. As movers are not busy mid-week, they offer discounts.  There can be other problems related to a Friday move: traffic delays, bank transaction issues and complications of utility services.

Myth 4: All movers are the same

You may think that it doesn’t matter which moving company you choose. However, the choice is one between hidden charges, high prices, and damage/loss/theft of your belongings on the one hand, and safe and competitive costs on the other.  Compare moving services and prices each company offers; read reviews/testimonials, and ask loved ones and reliable contacts about personal experiences of quality of services. 

Myth 5: Movers can wait for payments.

This is one of the biggest myths about moving. Movers have to be paid on time. The majority of movers ask for a deposit to secure supplies and hold the crew.  Then full payment has to be made immediately after unloading.

Myth 6: Hidden Charges will pop up no matter what

Moving expenses may not even cross your mind, when you first think of scheduling your move.  When you receive finally the bill for payment, the amount indicated may be much more than what you had prepared for, thanks to quite a few hidden costs.

Lesson: Never sign a contract with a moving company before all the charges to be incurred are declared in writing. This will ensure that there are no surprises when you pay the bill.

Stories of unpleasant moving experiences leading to myths no longer hold true. Debunk them all at one go; with a little bit of research and caution, you can find a reasonably good moving service.