Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tips for Moving your Business Efficiently

Moving can be time consuming, expensive and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you make your upcoming move as easy as possible.  Remember, the more time you spend on planning your move, the less amount of time your business will suffer a disruption.

Tips for Moving your Business Efficiently

Donate/Discard unwanted office items and equipment

This is the right time for you to get rid of useless copiers, old phones, printers, office furniture and PC's – even office supplies. Donate them if there are takers. There is no point in paying for moving items that you do not need any more. You will do well to make early decisions on the items that you need to carry to, and items that you do not want at all in the new location.

Start packing early, if moving on your own

It is never a good idea to wait till the last minute for anything in life, and more so for moving. If you are moving on your own, start with packing office items you do not use regularly.  It is not uncommon to underestimate the total amount of time it takes to complete the packing.  In case you need quite some time to go through a huge inventory of items, then you can imagine the number of weeks it will actually take to pack those items.

If you wish to save on the cost of packing, consider buying used packing supplies and boxes.

Mark your boxes if you choose a mover

Make sure you mark your boxes clearly on the sides and tops so that you can identify the contents quickly. In addition, if you have several hundred boxes, it is a good idea to have a numbering system to ensure you do not end up losing items on the move. This is especially important if you are planning to hire a moving company. If you mark or number your boxes with a small description of what the boxes contain, and the mover loses any during the move, it will be easier for you to make a claim.

Moving computers

It is important to wrap computer monitors individually in bubble wrap or moving blankets and tape them. The units should not be placed inside boxes, and packing tape must not be in contact with the screens. Protect your computers with heavy blankets; never stack the screens on top of other screens.

Moving electronics

Just like computers, printers are sensitive machines. Make sure you remove cartridges, tape down scanners and cover lids; follow any instructions for moving copiers, FAX machines, and printers since incorrect moving can damage a device.

Update your contact information

One of the most important things to do when you move your office is to update your address on your website. Also, make a list of all networks you do business with and make sure you update them about your address.

It is wonderful to plan a move far in advance. Make sure you take all sorts of possible delays into account when scheduling your packing and moving.

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