Wednesday, 26 October 2016

4 Things you should do before you Move out

Moving out of a house after a sale or termination of a rental contract is always a stressful task, no matter how organized you are. Moreover, add to the fact that most of us who sell a house do buy another, and consequently have to deal with moving stress doubled.

Real estate agents can come in very handy on such occasions. They can refer individuals and companies, who can help make your move smooth. 

4 Things you should do before you Move out

Here are a few things you must do before moving out of your old house:

Cleaning the house before leaving

One of the most basic tasks that most people overlook is to clean the house properly before leaving. This is mainly because they are too busy packing their belongings. However, if you look closely, you will see a lot of dirt and dust accumulated behind the washer and dryer, refrigerator, and in other similar areas.

Make sure you keep a few cleaning supplies handy. Someone is sure to move in after you move out, and it is your duty to leave a clean house with no trace of your legacy of garbage:  that would most certainly annoy the new occupants.

Arrange for your mail and leave the key behind the mailbox

You can change your postal address easily by logging in to the website of the relevant authority. It is a lot more convenient than paying a personal visit to the post office. Also, make sure you alert companies that send you monthly or yearly subscriptions.

It would be a good idea for you to leave your forwarding address in a kitchen drawer so that the new occupant, in case of need, can forward promptly any gifts or packages. Make sure you leave with the caretaker the key, the number and the location details of your mailbox, if you move out of an apartment complex.

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Alert utility companies about your moving

You should take care to notify every utility company about the date of withdrawal of service and the new address to which your final utility bill should be sent. In addition, do not forget to cancel the daily newspaper and security alarm services.

Organize all your packed boxes

It is best to organize all your moving boxes before the arrival of the movers. Remember, the box that is loaded first onto the truck is usually the last to be unloaded. Let there be no confusion: arrange boxes in the order of rooms in your new house.

Label all the bedrooms by number or color, and create corresponding labels for every bedroom door and the boxes to be moved. This can help movers identify easily the right room for every box. It is also a good idea to number all your boxes serially after counting every one of them, so that the movers will be accountable for every one of them.

Apart from keeping in mind the tips given above, do not forget to pack an overnight box for your family, containing personal items, dishes, clothing, medicines and anything else that you will need right after moving into your  new house. You would then be left with no energy or patience to ferret out those things from different boxes!