Friday, 22 December 2017

Moving your House without Stress

You are right – rather dubiously – if you think you will save money by hiring a van and roping in friends to help with moving your house.  You may not be aware of the amount of time, effort, planning and organization that moving requires. All this takes a toll that is in itself a cost.

Moreover, if valuables get damaged in the move, that is another cost added. The best way to move your house with little stress is to use the services of a reputed professional packer and mover. They ensure that the move is stress free in every respect. Having said that, there are a few pre-move things you can do yourself; you can ensure that way there is no stress related to the move.

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Make a full inventory

Start planning the move, much before the movers arrive on the scene. Make a full inventory of all your personal belongings.  This will help you to decide on what goes where in the new home, and thereby make setting it up faster. Incidentally, you will discover a few things that were with you all along but were long forgotten; there may be a need for them in the new home.

Get rid of junk and unwanted things

As part of the inventory process, segregate all the junk that has accumulated over the years, and things that are of no use any more. Get rid of all of them to set up a clutter-free new home.

Segregate the items you want to pack yourself

There are often very precious items or things with a great sentimental value, which you want to handle yourself. Segregate those, work out how you will pack them, and keep them ready for the move. If you are in doubt, you may ask for professional advice and help, which the moving company will be glad to offer.

Take photos

It will be wise on your part to take photos of all your valuable things just before the move. In case of damages caused by the moving company during transportation, the photos will be of great use in making damage claims. The same thing will apply to photos of the old house/apartment vacated on a move. This will protect you from greedy property owners, who want to fleece you for imaginary damages you caused.

Pack a moving day survival kit

You will need a few essential things, as soon as you arrive at the new home. Pack a survival kit in a plastic tub, moving box or any other container that you can access as soon as you step into the new home. It should contain a few basic tools, paper towels, a coffee maker (and of course coffee), powdered milk, snacks, first-aid medicine and regular  medications, toilet paper and anything else you know you will need on arrival.

The pre-move steps outlined above can make life much easier for you on the moving day. This will help the moving company as well to work faster, facilitating a quick move. You can thus start setting up your new home sooner than you would expect. Contact a professional moving company as early as possible so that you can work with them for a totally stress-free move.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Why a Cheap Moving Quote can be a Bad Idea

Moving can certainly be anxiety-ridden for a variety of reasons – from the emotional stress of leaving behind friends and relatives to packing up all your belongings accumulated over time. Another major reason why so many people get tense is the price, both physical and metaphorical, associated with moving.

Shifting to a new house can mean a lot of money, from getting a mortgage or paying more rent for new furniture required in the new house. Understandably, most people try to find out ways of cutting costs.

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The wisdom of cutting costs

The biggest mistake you can make is to cut costs when hiring professional movers. Probably, you think of performing the whole move on your own. Moving delicate, heavy, or wrongly shaped furniture and other such attention-demanding belongings necessitates expertise that you may not have.

Untrained movers do not have the right packing equipment and the experience for executing the job properly. It indicates a strong possibility of damage not only to belongings but also to staircases, walls, ceilings, and floors.

Others who avoid a DIY move try to find cheap moving companies, in the hope of cutting costs. However, choosing a professional mover, who quotes a low price, comes with numerous risks. It is extremely important to take decisions keeping in mind these risks.

Here are a few questions you must consider before hiring a mover just because the price is lower.

Can you ignore damage to your furniture?

Cheaper moving companies make profit by spending less time on every move. These movers will not take the necessary time and care to pack and unpack your household effects without damage. Another way these people cut their costs is by hiring inexperienced and untrained workers, which puts your possessions at a very big risk.

Do you like the prospects of potential criminals being involved in the move?

More often than not, cheap movers hire cheap laborers on daily wages, instead of those who are trained and certified to work full time. These companies do not care to check whether such laborers have any criminal background. Hiring such a mover is asking for trouble.

Can you accept the use of an ill-equipped truck for the move?

Cheap providers will never invest in good moving trucks or quality equipment required to ensure that your move is seamless and safe. This again points to probable damage to your belongings during actual transportation. The move might ultimately prove to be too expensive, contrary to what you initially thought would be cheap.

Are you willing to pay hidden charges?

Like most others, moving business is extremely competitive. For any move, the quotes you get from moving companies should be almost the same within reasonable limits, given the same logistics and inventory.

If there is a substantial discount in the price of a particular company, you should be on your guard: there will definitely be some hidden charges. Make sure you get all the details spelt out in writing to avoid any fraud. Look for reviews to get to know what previous customers say about the company.

As far as moving is concerned, the quality of service depends on what you’re ready to pay. You would do well not to compromise on engaging a quality moving company in order to save a few dollars!

Monday, 23 October 2017

5 Moving Tips to meet your Deadline

Almost 90% of the people underestimate how long it will take them to complete a move. Even if your office or house is clutter free, it will still take some more time than you will anticipate packing and executing your move. Here are five tips to reduce stress and ensure a successful move.

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1.  Get quotes from at least three reputable movers

Getting quotes from several movers ensures that you will be able to use the best of the lot. It is very important that you look for providers that are members of associations and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  An A+ rating from Better Business Bureau means that the company has a very good reputation.

Best moving companies do not just show up at your place on the moving day; they collaborate with you during the entire process, offering to be helpful in every possible way.

2.    Do some packing every day

If you do just a little packing every day, you won’t have to struggle with the entire task at the last minute. Psychologists believe that the fear of undertaking a task vanishes once it begins. They recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes every day.

The feeling of triumph you feel upon completion of the 20 minutes’ routine for a few days will motivate you further to get more organized when you want to complete packing on the last day. 

3.    Get the right help

It is a good idea to hire a babysitter so that you don’t have to deal with children tugging you while packing is on. In case your present house is on show, hire a cleaner to make sure the space is immaculate.

In case the packing is taking too long, consider hiring a reputed moving company. While some movers can pack the whole house in one day, others can start from where you left off!  It’s preferable if you get all the fragile things packed by professionals.

4.    Delay or defer decisions

It is sometimes hard to make certain decisions immediately. For instance, do you sell an antique hutch or keep it? In such situations, you can delay the decision by renting a storage space inside a secure warehouse facility. With steady rental fees, you won’t feel pressurized and can store the item long term if need be until you make up your mind.

5.    Has the moving date changed? Don’t panic!

Are renovations in your new house taking longer than expected? Do you have trouble getting mortgage, occupancy certificate or title search in time? Experienced moving companies understand such glitches and they know that it is beyond your control sometimes to meet the deadline. They also offer the facility of moving after hours or during weekends to reduce down time.

It is best to hire an experienced professional moving service that is willing to accommodate you when you find yourself in a tight spot. They should be responsive towards your time-sensitive concerns and must charge competitively for the entire move in spite of the unexpected hiccups.

Friday, 22 September 2017

5 Reasons why a DIY Move is not a Good Idea

There are many items of expense owing to a move, including realtor fee, home inspector fee, lawyer fee, rental advance, and much more. One way to cut them down, most people think, would be to go for a Do-It-Yourself move. They presume that moving boxes and renting a truck is a simple thing anyone can do easily, and it needs no special training or skills.

However, there are valid reasons why a do-it-yourself move will not pay. Here are five reasons to underscore the point that a DIY move is not such a good idea as hiring a professional mover.

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1 More expensive

Are all your things and possessions adequately insured? Do the insurance policies cover complete replacement value? Did you think about the damage to the elevator, home or building, which na├»ve handlers might cause? Do you have enough money to cover the medical bills in case someone is hurt? Will you or your assistant get paid if missing work is inevitable because of injury? 

Professional moving companies are properly insured and licensed. They have a team of well-trained handlers that help reduce instances of injury, theft and breakage. They take responsibility for anything going wrong.

2 More time-consuming

In case you need to move at short notice, can you clear out of your old house quickly? In the eventuality of moving into a condo or apartment, can the elevator be held indeterminately if the move takes longer or goes beyond regular office hours?

Professional movers are experts in packing and unpacking, loading and unloading vans swiftly, thus helping you save time.

3 Very stressful

Moving pets, children or seniors can be stressful. Things could become very traumatic if you are not organized, an authorized parking spot is not found for loading and offloading or the elevator at the new location is not reserved in advance. You should start your new life at the new residence with the least stress.

Professional movers know the ins and outs of every aspect of moving, building policies and so on. They can surely make your move completely stress free.

4 Challenging to assess moving space

It can be very challenging for you to estimate the truck space you need to move your things. Renting a van that is too big can cost you a lot, and lead to damage to your things as they might get tossed up during transportation; one that is too small can cause a big moving problem. You may have to make two trips, or rent another van, which means again spending more.

Professional movers are seasoned estimators of the correct moving space and they go for the right kind of the truck needed.

5 Lack of the right tools and equipment

You need for a move hand trucks, furniture pads, dollies, ramps and straps. These can increase the cost of a DIY move, as you have to rent or buy them.

Hiring a reputed professional mover is always a good idea in comparison to making a DIY move. They have the state-of-the-art tools, equipment, trained men and trucks of different sizes to ensure that the move is well organized, cost effective, safe and quick.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Full Service Movers: Services, Costs and Reviews

Moving to another house can be rather complex to start with. In your upcoming residential move, you must be well aware of the endless tasks you need to take care of, and numerous dangers and risks you may face if you decide to perform all the shifting related jobs without any help from the professionals.

It is a well-known fact that you can easily avoid the typical complications that accompany most self-move attempts by choosing a better solution that is proven to work. While you have the sensible option of having a smoothly executed and perfectly organized house move, the best thing you get to do is use full service movers.

The role of full service movers

For a safe and successful move, you need to leave nothing to chance. This is what a professional full moving company does – from inspection of all personal effects, packing and moving to unpacking and organizing at the destination. In other words taking full responsibility of all tasks related to moving till all of the relocation jobs are completed smoothly without any loss or damage. A full service moving company has all the skills, experience and trained staff  to complete the entire move efficiently without glitches.

Reputed movers offering full move services are experts in finding the right solutions to all moving problems. They have years of experience that makes them not only perfect moving partners, but also relocation partners.

How do full service moving companies really work?

Risk assessment: The moving company takes a closer look at the owner’s possessions and determines if there are any tangible risks with transportation.

Price estimation: A good moving company offers an accurate estimate of the transportation costs the owner may incur. The price estimate will depend on factors such as, the distance of the move, shipment weight, scheduled date, and kind of services availed.

Packing and packing supplies: Moving a house is an energy-draining and time consuming task. Hiring full service moving companies will guarantee the safety of prized possessions, and experts will arrive on the moving day fully armed with good quality packing supplies of the right quantity and type.

Furniture disassembly: Most full service movers also offer the service of furniture disassembly. They ensure that your bulky furniture is stripped down properly and all the dismantled parts are safely packed.

Moving vehicle and equipment: Full service movers arrive at the location with a moving vehicle of the appropriate capacity and size, and the right moving equipment and carry out an efficient shifting. Full service movers thus prove to be a great choice.

Identifying the right full service moving company

1. Any company that takes good care of its clients will have a satisfied customer base; consequently they will have favorable online reviews and high rating. Therefore, check what people are saying about the company over the World Wide Web.
2. Ask coworkers, family and friends for views and suggestions.
3. Contact Better Business Bureau (BBB) for authentification of the right companies.

While searching for a full service mover, make sure you protect yourself from any moving frauds. If you research well before you take the plunge, you are going to do well in every way.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Things you must move on your own when Shifting

You may have collected over a long period a massive number of items that have acquired emotional associations. Those items may be your prized possessions, and you guard them zealously because of their market value with added sentimental value. Organizing and sorting out such belongings may indeed be overwhelming, if you are moving house anytime soon.

You need to be careful when you pack all your belongings to ensure safe transportation and continued use for several more years. It is best to hire a moving company with great credentials, who would be the right people to handle with care all your belongings during packing, moving and unpacking; their well-trained staffs have the right expertise and the safest moving equipment for a fully satisfying relocation.

However, there are a few extremely crucial things that you need to move on your own.  For instance, folders that contain all your vital documents or jewelry inherited from your grandmother with enormous sentimental value just cannot be left to the chance of damage or loss. Here is a list of things you must move on your own:

1. Important documents

While no one is going to damage your files or documents on purpose, it is best to be on the safe side. If your documents are in a separate binder, make sure you put them securely in a lockbox. They should be together with your other important documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, school and medical records, insurance policies, and the like. Also, make sure you keep the document box in your custody. Furthermore,   double-check your car keys or plane tickets if you are taking a flight.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry can be very expensive: it is a major reason why it can mysteriously disappear at any time of the moving process – packing, loading, transporting, unloading or unpacking. It is, in fact, very easy to misplace or lose a tiny brooch or ring in the moving melee and never find it again.

It may be difficult to believe but several home movers finish up packing – their valuables along with their other entire household items, and discover missing items after relocation.

3. Electronics

Did you know? Expensive electronic gadgets are at the top of the list of items lost/stolen during a move. So, make sure you keep with you digital camera, laptop, smartphone and other similar expensive devices.

It is best to research beforehand and hire a professional moving company with a good reputation. Such companies are reliable and safe indeed. However, delicate jewelry like bracelets, earrings and necklaces may get tangled suffering damage or electronic gadgets like laptops and music systems may easily get tossed up during transit, leading to major repairs.

Therefore, you would do well to be very careful to pack all your precious belongings and move them on your own. There is no doubt that you will be able to handle them quite competently with a lot of care and find them all safe at the new location.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Things to consider when Moving to another City

Moving to a new location exposes you to a new environment, opportunities, and experiences. Your whole world changes when you face the challenges of relocation. Normal everyday activities are given up, and difficult moving-related tasks and hectic moving plans are afoot.

To make sure your residential move is trouble free and smooth, you must examine all your decisions carefully, and plan every aspect meticulously. Try to work out every single detail. Here are a few things to consider.

                  Things to consider when Moving to another City

Opportunities of employment

There could be many reasons for relocation because of a job. Here are some factors that should make it worth the while.

  1. The rate of unemployment in your city is lower and it is easy to get a good job elsewhere.
  2. Your professional expertise and skills are in big demand in the new area.
  3. You are offered a lucrative position, which seems stable, and you can see bright prospects of getting ahead in your career.
Cost of living

The standard of living in different cities can differ drastically, and so it is always good to research carefully the cost of living in the new place.

The property market

Your housing options should be one of the first things to consider when moving to a new city. Try to look for an affordable property that fits your preferences and needs. It should be located conveniently in a pleasant and safe neighborhood. The monthly rental or mortgage should not be more than 25% of your disposable income.

Living expenses

Living expenses is another important thing to consider when planning a move to another city or state. Utility cost, transportation cost, food, education, medical care, clothing, insurance, entertainment, taxes and the like should be taken into consideration when getting ready for a new life elsewhere.


Different states have different weather conditions. Be well prepared for the change in weather in your new surroundings. Make sure you have proper clothing that goes with the climate there.

Education opportunities

If you have children, then finding a good school in the new state or city should be your main priority – an educational institute that is reputed for quality teaching and friendly attitude. Make sure your children have enough educational opportunities – curricular and extra-curricular – in the new location.


Apart from the challenges and financial demands, another major cause of moving-related stress is the sentimental side of the event. You may have to leave behind intimate friends and affectionate family. You may even have to give up on the coziness and comfort level of the present city.

Be prepared for the initial social isolation and loneliness in the new place. However, once you start your daily routine and gain rhythm, you will surely meet like-minded people who will make you feel at home.

Lastly, you should accept that your whole life would change once you are relocated. For coping with the inevitable changes in a more positive way, you must consider all the factors described above in the right perspective when moving for relocation.

If you have any questions relating to the actual transportation part of the move, you may consult with a reputed moving services company.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Choosing the Right Storage Service : Useful Ideas for your Benefit

Using a storage service is an efficient and affordable way of stocking objects of all sizes and shapes in one convenient location. Storage units can be used for several different purposes – as an addition to your house, a place for storing seasonal or seldom used items, to declutter an office, for freeing up garage space, and much more!

The size you need

Choosing the correct unit size will ensure that you pay only for the storage space, you actually require. There is a large variety of storage unit sizes available at almost all storage services, from units as big as the closet to units as large as an extended garage. Here is how you choose the right size:

1. Begin by taking inventory

Before even starting to consider the unit size, take an inventory of all the things you wish to put inside the storage. Get the measuring tape out for some of the bigger items to figure out the least space they can be fitted into. Once you are well aware of all the things you desire to store, you can analyze which unit will work best for you.

2. Standard sizes of storage units

While most storage services have standard units of varying sizes and rates, some may charge you for the space your things actually require. The total volume of space your items need places you in a package.

Here is a look at the standard unit sizes: 

  • 5x5 storing units that can fit a small mattress set, dressers, and several boxes
  • 5x10 storing units that can fit a dresser, mattress set (Queen-sized), TV, and several boxes
  • 10x10 storing units that can fit a whole family room (bookshelves, sofa, chairs, coffee table, etc.) and two bedrooms (night stands, mattress sets, dressers, etc.)
  • 10x15 storing units that can fit three full bedrooms and larger furniture (chairs, sofas, appliances, tables, etc.)
  • 10x20 storing units that can fit the whole multiple bedroom house, large furniture and many boxes
  • 10x30 Storing units that can fit multiple bedrooms, including big furniture and many boxes

Choosing a provider

It is very important to choose a storage service provider wisely. Here are a few features that should go with their services:

1. Pickup: Choose a provider who is willing to pick all your stuff from the doorstep and carry them to their facility, so that you don’t have to lift a finger.
2. Delivery: Make sure they offer delivery services, i.e., you get your things back anytime you want at your doorstep.
3. Best support and service: The provider should be able to offer the best support and storage service.
4. Storage accessories: Choose a company that offers storage pads or moving blankets to secure your things while in storage.
5. Security: The warehouse should never be open for public and should be under surveillance 24 hours. The provider should take proper precautions with the support of security devices such as motion detectors, cameras, and alarms.

It is best to speak to at least three storage service providers before making the final choice. Also, drive down to the facility to check it out thoroughly. Apart from this, you must speak to the staff to be assured of how well trained they are to handle fragile items.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Choosing the Right Storage Services Company : Helpful Ideas

Finding the right storage services company is not easy. However, here are some basic helpful ideas that can make your choice smoother.

1. Start with your social circle

Start by asking your family and friends who have some recent experience of hiring a storage services company. Take notes and learn from their experience. Their references can make the task easier. However, do not blindly trust any report, as circumstances differ from person to person.

2. Search the internet

Search the web for storage services companies. Browse through online directories and company websites to make an initial option list available. You must go through blogs, forums, and other sources to find out more about the companies you have shortlisted. Reading testimonials and talking to dissatisfied and satisfied clients will help you get a good perspective, and narrow down the choices.

3. Get in touch with the shortlisted companies

Once you have shortlisted a few companies, make sure you visit or call every one of them. Ask them to make a trip to your house for inspection and estimation of costs. In case a company offers an estimate without visiting you, you should see red flags.

4. Ask the following questions

When a storage services company agrees to visit your house, get ready to ask them the following questions and get satisfying answers:

 1. Do you have the license to do the job?
 2. Do you offer insurance coverage?
 3. Do you take care of the paperwork?
 4. What measures do you take for ensuring the safety of my possessions?
 5. Do I have access to my goods at the time of transit?
 6. Are there any hidden costs?
 7. What is your final estimate of costs?

5. Check the storage units

Examine carefully the things you are planning to put into the storage. This will give you an idea of the size and capacity of the unit you should rent. Bear in mind that you should never rent a unit that will fit exactly your possessions.

You should always go in for a unit that is a little bigger having some free space for you to work after storage. Maybe you want later to get to something that's at the far back of the unit.

It will be a mistake to rent the smallest unit possible with just sufficient space to save money, and then pack tight the space wall to wall and ceiling to floor. You may end up having to take out half of the stuff to access what you want. Won’t it be a nuisance and waste of time?

6. Let not money be your top priority

The cheapest storage services company may not be the best choice; usually it has unprofessional staff and substandard equipment. On the other hand, the most expensive storage services company may not always have the best equipment or staff ensuring the best standards.

Make a decision after research and careful consideration of facts. It would be a good idea to consult your friends and get their feedback. If they agree with your decision after checking the reasons, you have indeed chosen the right storage services company, with all positive attributes.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Loading a Moving Truck

To load a moving truck is just as overwhelming as the whole process of moving. You need to arrange your belongings in a way that minimizes damage and increases space; it can indeed be a tricky endeavor. Here are a few steps you may follow to make the process a lot easier and welcome fun.

Gather the materials

If you wish to pack your belongings and load a moving truck in the most efficient and safest way possible, you will need a few items to protect your things. You can get the supplies from either a hardware store, or a moving supply store. Here are the materials you require:

1. A dolly to move your heaviest furniture and boxes
2. Plastic stretch wrap, paper padding, and furniture pads to prevent furniture damage
3. Packing tape to hold the padding on the furniture
4. Straps to fasten the furniture secure

Dismantle furniture

Dismantling large furniture makes packing, moving and loading easy.

1. Get rid of the sofa cushions.
2. Take apart your bed frames and bed.
3. Take out all the drawers of heavy dressers, and individually carry them to the truck. When loading the dresser in the truck, put all the drawers back in place and tape them.

Pack bookcases and books imaginatively to save space

In case you have too many books and bookcases, make sure you get specific boxes that can fit your bookcases. Regular boxes are normally too wide and take up a lot of space.

Move all furniture to the street

When you move all your furniture to the street before loading, it will help you get a clear idea of how much you are working with, and how best to arrange them all inside the truck.

Loading the truck

Load the heaviest items first

You must have two people inside the truck who will act as the designated ’loaders’; others should help carry things to the truck. Load first heaviest items that include fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and stove. Load next large furniture such as living room chairs, sofas, and entertainment units.

Load the longer items

Such items include tabletops, sofas, headboards, box springs and long mirrors. Place them against the walls of the truck; they are the longest to save on space and should be kept straight. For extra protection, secure those items with straps and ties.

Load the boxes

Choose boxes that are of similar strength and size so that you can pile them on top of one another. Place the largest and heaviest boxes at the bottom, lighter ones at the top and those of medium weight in the middle. This will help in creating three layers of weight.

Load the remaining items

Your aim should always be to load the moving truck in such a way that it can store as much as possible without squeezing any of the items together. Arrange heavy items at the bottom and delicate items at the top to avoid damage.

By following these tips, you will ensure that your moving becomes a lot easier and stress free. You will do well to get further expert guidance from a reputed professional mover.