Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Choosing the Right Storage Services Company : Helpful Ideas

Finding the right storage services company is not easy. However, here are some basic helpful ideas that can make your choice smoother.

1. Start with your social circle

Start by asking your family and friends who have some recent experience of hiring a storage services company. Take notes and learn from their experience. Their references can make the task easier. However, do not blindly trust any report, as circumstances differ from person to person.

2. Search the internet

Search the web for storage services companies. Browse through online directories and company websites to make an initial option list available. You must go through blogs, forums, and other sources to find out more about the companies you have shortlisted. Reading testimonials and talking to dissatisfied and satisfied clients will help you get a good perspective, and narrow down the choices.

3. Get in touch with the shortlisted companies

Once you have shortlisted a few companies, make sure you visit or call every one of them. Ask them to make a trip to your house for inspection and estimation of costs. In case a company offers an estimate without visiting you, you should see red flags.

4. Ask the following questions

When a storage services company agrees to visit your house, get ready to ask them the following questions and get satisfying answers:

 1. Do you have the license to do the job?
 2. Do you offer insurance coverage?
 3. Do you take care of the paperwork?
 4. What measures do you take for ensuring the safety of my possessions?
 5. Do I have access to my goods at the time of transit?
 6. Are there any hidden costs?
 7. What is your final estimate of costs?

5. Check the storage units

Examine carefully the things you are planning to put into the storage. This will give you an idea of the size and capacity of the unit you should rent. Bear in mind that you should never rent a unit that will fit exactly your possessions.

You should always go in for a unit that is a little bigger having some free space for you to work after storage. Maybe you want later to get to something that's at the far back of the unit.

It will be a mistake to rent the smallest unit possible with just sufficient space to save money, and then pack tight the space wall to wall and ceiling to floor. You may end up having to take out half of the stuff to access what you want. Won’t it be a nuisance and waste of time?

6. Let not money be your top priority

The cheapest storage services company may not be the best choice; usually it has unprofessional staff and substandard equipment. On the other hand, the most expensive storage services company may not always have the best equipment or staff ensuring the best standards.

Make a decision after research and careful consideration of facts. It would be a good idea to consult your friends and get their feedback. If they agree with your decision after checking the reasons, you have indeed chosen the right storage services company, with all positive attributes.