Sunday, 26 March 2017

Choosing the Right Storage Service : Useful Ideas for your Benefit

Using a storage service is an efficient and affordable way of stocking objects of all sizes and shapes in one convenient location. Storage units can be used for several different purposes – as an addition to your house, a place for storing seasonal or seldom used items, to declutter an office, for freeing up garage space, and much more!

The size you need

Choosing the correct unit size will ensure that you pay only for the storage space, you actually require. There is a large variety of storage unit sizes available at almost all storage services, from units as big as the closet to units as large as an extended garage. Here is how you choose the right size:

1. Begin by taking inventory

Before even starting to consider the unit size, take an inventory of all the things you wish to put inside the storage. Get the measuring tape out for some of the bigger items to figure out the least space they can be fitted into. Once you are well aware of all the things you desire to store, you can analyze which unit will work best for you.

2. Standard sizes of storage units

While most storage services have standard units of varying sizes and rates, some may charge you for the space your things actually require. The total volume of space your items need places you in a package.

Here is a look at the standard unit sizes: 

  • 5x5 storing units that can fit a small mattress set, dressers, and several boxes
  • 5x10 storing units that can fit a dresser, mattress set (Queen-sized), TV, and several boxes
  • 10x10 storing units that can fit a whole family room (bookshelves, sofa, chairs, coffee table, etc.) and two bedrooms (night stands, mattress sets, dressers, etc.)
  • 10x15 storing units that can fit three full bedrooms and larger furniture (chairs, sofas, appliances, tables, etc.)
  • 10x20 storing units that can fit the whole multiple bedroom house, large furniture and many boxes
  • 10x30 Storing units that can fit multiple bedrooms, including big furniture and many boxes

Choosing a provider

It is very important to choose a storage service provider wisely. Here are a few features that should go with their services:

1. Pickup: Choose a provider who is willing to pick all your stuff from the doorstep and carry them to their facility, so that you don’t have to lift a finger.
2. Delivery: Make sure they offer delivery services, i.e., you get your things back anytime you want at your doorstep.
3. Best support and service: The provider should be able to offer the best support and storage service.
4. Storage accessories: Choose a company that offers storage pads or moving blankets to secure your things while in storage.
5. Security: The warehouse should never be open for public and should be under surveillance 24 hours. The provider should take proper precautions with the support of security devices such as motion detectors, cameras, and alarms.

It is best to speak to at least three storage service providers before making the final choice. Also, drive down to the facility to check it out thoroughly. Apart from this, you must speak to the staff to be assured of how well trained they are to handle fragile items.