Friday, 22 September 2017

5 Reasons why a DIY Move is not a Good Idea

There are many items of expense owing to a move, including realtor fee, home inspector fee, lawyer fee, rental advance, and much more. One way to cut them down, most people think, would be to go for a Do-It-Yourself move. They presume that moving boxes and renting a truck is a simple thing anyone can do easily, and it needs no special training or skills.

However, there are valid reasons why a do-it-yourself move will not pay. Here are five reasons to underscore the point that a DIY move is not such a good idea as hiring a professional mover.

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1 More expensive

Are all your things and possessions adequately insured? Do the insurance policies cover complete replacement value? Did you think about the damage to the elevator, home or building, which na├»ve handlers might cause? Do you have enough money to cover the medical bills in case someone is hurt? Will you or your assistant get paid if missing work is inevitable because of injury? 

Professional moving companies are properly insured and licensed. They have a team of well-trained handlers that help reduce instances of injury, theft and breakage. They take responsibility for anything going wrong.

2 More time-consuming

In case you need to move at short notice, can you clear out of your old house quickly? In the eventuality of moving into a condo or apartment, can the elevator be held indeterminately if the move takes longer or goes beyond regular office hours?

Professional movers are experts in packing and unpacking, loading and unloading vans swiftly, thus helping you save time.

3 Very stressful

Moving pets, children or seniors can be stressful. Things could become very traumatic if you are not organized, an authorized parking spot is not found for loading and offloading or the elevator at the new location is not reserved in advance. You should start your new life at the new residence with the least stress.

Professional movers know the ins and outs of every aspect of moving, building policies and so on. They can surely make your move completely stress free.

4 Challenging to assess moving space

It can be very challenging for you to estimate the truck space you need to move your things. Renting a van that is too big can cost you a lot, and lead to damage to your things as they might get tossed up during transportation; one that is too small can cause a big moving problem. You may have to make two trips, or rent another van, which means again spending more.

Professional movers are seasoned estimators of the correct moving space and they go for the right kind of the truck needed.

5 Lack of the right tools and equipment

You need for a move hand trucks, furniture pads, dollies, ramps and straps. These can increase the cost of a DIY move, as you have to rent or buy them.

Hiring a reputed professional mover is always a good idea in comparison to making a DIY move. They have the state-of-the-art tools, equipment, trained men and trucks of different sizes to ensure that the move is well organized, cost effective, safe and quick.