Monday, 23 October 2017

5 Moving Tips to meet your Deadline

Almost 90% of the people underestimate how long it will take them to complete a move. Even if your office or house is clutter free, it will still take some more time than you will anticipate packing and executing your move. Here are five tips to reduce stress and ensure a successful move.

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1.  Get quotes from at least three reputable movers

Getting quotes from several movers ensures that you will be able to use the best of the lot. It is very important that you look for providers that are members of associations and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  An A+ rating from Better Business Bureau means that the company has a very good reputation.

Best moving companies do not just show up at your place on the moving day; they collaborate with you during the entire process, offering to be helpful in every possible way.

2.    Do some packing every day

If you do just a little packing every day, you won’t have to struggle with the entire task at the last minute. Psychologists believe that the fear of undertaking a task vanishes once it begins. They recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes every day.

The feeling of triumph you feel upon completion of the 20 minutes’ routine for a few days will motivate you further to get more organized when you want to complete packing on the last day. 

3.    Get the right help

It is a good idea to hire a babysitter so that you don’t have to deal with children tugging you while packing is on. In case your present house is on show, hire a cleaner to make sure the space is immaculate.

In case the packing is taking too long, consider hiring a reputed moving company. While some movers can pack the whole house in one day, others can start from where you left off!  It’s preferable if you get all the fragile things packed by professionals.

4.    Delay or defer decisions

It is sometimes hard to make certain decisions immediately. For instance, do you sell an antique hutch or keep it? In such situations, you can delay the decision by renting a storage space inside a secure warehouse facility. With steady rental fees, you won’t feel pressurized and can store the item long term if need be until you make up your mind.

5.    Has the moving date changed? Don’t panic!

Are renovations in your new house taking longer than expected? Do you have trouble getting mortgage, occupancy certificate or title search in time? Experienced moving companies understand such glitches and they know that it is beyond your control sometimes to meet the deadline. They also offer the facility of moving after hours or during weekends to reduce down time.

It is best to hire an experienced professional moving service that is willing to accommodate you when you find yourself in a tight spot. They should be responsive towards your time-sensitive concerns and must charge competitively for the entire move in spite of the unexpected hiccups.