Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Why a Cheap Moving Quote can be a Bad Idea

Moving can certainly be anxiety-ridden for a variety of reasons – from the emotional stress of leaving behind friends and relatives to packing up all your belongings accumulated over time. Another major reason why so many people get tense is the price, both physical and metaphorical, associated with moving.

Shifting to a new house can mean a lot of money, from getting a mortgage or paying more rent for new furniture required in the new house. Understandably, most people try to find out ways of cutting costs.

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The wisdom of cutting costs

The biggest mistake you can make is to cut costs when hiring professional movers. Probably, you think of performing the whole move on your own. Moving delicate, heavy, or wrongly shaped furniture and other such attention-demanding belongings necessitates expertise that you may not have.

Untrained movers do not have the right packing equipment and the experience for executing the job properly. It indicates a strong possibility of damage not only to belongings but also to staircases, walls, ceilings, and floors.

Others who avoid a DIY move try to find cheap moving companies, in the hope of cutting costs. However, choosing a professional mover, who quotes a low price, comes with numerous risks. It is extremely important to take decisions keeping in mind these risks.

Here are a few questions you must consider before hiring a mover just because the price is lower.

Can you ignore damage to your furniture?

Cheaper moving companies make profit by spending less time on every move. These movers will not take the necessary time and care to pack and unpack your household effects without damage. Another way these people cut their costs is by hiring inexperienced and untrained workers, which puts your possessions at a very big risk.

Do you like the prospects of potential criminals being involved in the move?

More often than not, cheap movers hire cheap laborers on daily wages, instead of those who are trained and certified to work full time. These companies do not care to check whether such laborers have any criminal background. Hiring such a mover is asking for trouble.

Can you accept the use of an ill-equipped truck for the move?

Cheap providers will never invest in good moving trucks or quality equipment required to ensure that your move is seamless and safe. This again points to probable damage to your belongings during actual transportation. The move might ultimately prove to be too expensive, contrary to what you initially thought would be cheap.

Are you willing to pay hidden charges?

Like most others, moving business is extremely competitive. For any move, the quotes you get from moving companies should be almost the same within reasonable limits, given the same logistics and inventory.

If there is a substantial discount in the price of a particular company, you should be on your guard: there will definitely be some hidden charges. Make sure you get all the details spelt out in writing to avoid any fraud. Look for reviews to get to know what previous customers say about the company.

As far as moving is concerned, the quality of service depends on what you’re ready to pay. You would do well not to compromise on engaging a quality moving company in order to save a few dollars!