Friday, 22 December 2017

Moving your House without Stress

You are right – rather dubiously – if you think you will save money by hiring a van and roping in friends to help with moving your house.  You may not be aware of the amount of time, effort, planning and organization that moving requires. All this takes a toll that is in itself a cost.

Moreover, if valuables get damaged in the move, that is another cost added. The best way to move your house with little stress is to use the services of a reputed professional packer and mover. They ensure that the move is stress free in every respect. Having said that, there are a few pre-move things you can do yourself; you can ensure that way there is no stress related to the move.

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Make a full inventory

Start planning the move, much before the movers arrive on the scene. Make a full inventory of all your personal belongings.  This will help you to decide on what goes where in the new home, and thereby make setting it up faster. Incidentally, you will discover a few things that were with you all along but were long forgotten; there may be a need for them in the new home.

Get rid of junk and unwanted things

As part of the inventory process, segregate all the junk that has accumulated over the years, and things that are of no use any more. Get rid of all of them to set up a clutter-free new home.

Segregate the items you want to pack yourself

There are often very precious items or things with a great sentimental value, which you want to handle yourself. Segregate those, work out how you will pack them, and keep them ready for the move. If you are in doubt, you may ask for professional advice and help, which the moving company will be glad to offer.

Take photos

It will be wise on your part to take photos of all your valuable things just before the move. In case of damages caused by the moving company during transportation, the photos will be of great use in making damage claims. The same thing will apply to photos of the old house/apartment vacated on a move. This will protect you from greedy property owners, who want to fleece you for imaginary damages you caused.

Pack a moving day survival kit

You will need a few essential things, as soon as you arrive at the new home. Pack a survival kit in a plastic tub, moving box or any other container that you can access as soon as you step into the new home. It should contain a few basic tools, paper towels, a coffee maker (and of course coffee), powdered milk, snacks, first-aid medicine and regular  medications, toilet paper and anything else you know you will need on arrival.

The pre-move steps outlined above can make life much easier for you on the moving day. This will help the moving company as well to work faster, facilitating a quick move. You can thus start setting up your new home sooner than you would expect. Contact a professional moving company as early as possible so that you can work with them for a totally stress-free move.