Friday, 23 February 2018

Moving with your Pets Worry Free

Another important aspect of a move is giving attention to the meticulous moving of your pets. They may not be able to understand that they are being uprooted from a familiar turf and taken to new surroundings. You have to plan their careful move and smooth relocation.

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Maybe you consider your pets more humane than many humans. It is possible for your family to pamper them with extra treats during a move, in order to make them feel comfortable. However, drastic diet change can cause them digestive problems. Follow their regular routines for a less disruptive moving.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind while moving with your pets.

Let your pets have a health check-up

Do not forget to book an appointment with the vet for your pets to ensure that they are healthy, have had all the immunizations and are fit to move. In case you are moving your pets to a different state, it is necessary to have an Interstate Health Certificate. Also, keep all the health records of your pets ready for passing on to the new vet in the new place.

Click their latest pics for use if they get lost

There are so many stories we hear about pets being lost when travelling thousands of miles to reach their new homes. This may not happen to you: nevertheless it is a good idea to take the following precautionary steps.

   1.       Keep the latest photographs of your pets.

         2.       Implant under their skin an ID microchip.

         3.       Put a tag with the new address around the neck.

Ask a friend to pet sit

It is a good idea to ask your friend to pet sit or board your pets overnight so that you can focus on the move.  Moreover, the unfamiliar people and the unusual activity on the moving day may upset the animals.

Mark their boxes

Make sure that the pets’ containers are marked clearly, so that they have their items readily available when they need them on relocation. Moreover, remember to have enough toys and food on hand during the move and on arrival at the new place.

There are certain time-sensitive problems when you move fishes. Aerobic bacteria within the tank begin to die when the oxygen flow is shut down. You will have to allot yourself enough time to disassemble and reassemble the tank, since your fishes can’t be taken in it. You will require an alternative special container for housing and moving the fishes.

Birds too tend to get stressed by a move.  For a journey that’s short, you can carry them in their usual cage. Make certain that there are no mirrors or swings in the cage that may fall and injure the birds. It is best not to leave water and food inside the cage to avoid any mess. For long journeys, rent a special bird carrier. However, try out the special carriers with the birds before the move to decrease their anxiety.

With just a little forethought and caution, you can surely make the move easy for your pets!