Friday, 23 March 2018

Tips for a Successful Winter Move

You may not always have the option to choose a convenient season or day for a move. Maybe you cannot but move during the chilly winter season on a frosty day; perhaps, you have secured a new job in a different town, or you have to move for family reasons, or your lease is up.

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Challenges of winter moving

Winter definitely is the most challenging season for moving. Apart from the obvious discomfort, icy conditions may make the move hazardous. In fact, professional movers advise against doing a DIY move.

Frosty environment and slippery boots can put you and your family at risk of injuries to the knees, back, and neck. They may as well increase the susceptibility of damage to your belongings, especially your furniture; moving on such a day on your own can turn out to be a dear experiment.

Stress-busting tips

Listed below are a few recommendations that can assist you in reducing anxiety and ensuring a successful winter move.

Employ a reputed mover

Without a doubt, the first major decision you can make for a low-stress move is to have on board a reputable mover. Ask your family and friends for recommendations; you can also research online by checking reviews. Look for BBB membership and customer endorsements of the mover, especially with reference to the following.

1.  Assisting you plan the move in advance

2.  Long and rich experience in dealing with winter-related moving problems

3.  Moving securely your possessions without any damage caused by freezing
4.  Having the right knowledge of buildings, roads, and various areas served

Schedule the moving date

Although a winter move is challenging, there are numerous advantages as well. Since winter is considered off-season, movers are likely to offer flexible dates.

However, it is best to schedule your dates in advance, once you have hired the mover. It is not a good idea to move on a date you do not prefer just because the mover you like is already booked for that ideal date.

Keep a check on the weather 

The conditions of the winter weather make a lot of difference. Keep checking weekly weather forecasts before the move. You can also call up the moving company to check whether there are any concerns regarding road conditions or reports of snow-stranded vehicles. It is best to delay the move instead of having your things stuck in a snowstorm.

Clear the approach to your house

Clear the streets, driveways, and sidewalks, which lead to your house. Use a shovel, salt, or a snowblower to clear all the main walkways so that the moving company can traverse them safely; they can thus protect all your belongings and furniture from any damage.

Take care of your pets

It is best to move your pets before the big day so that they are safe. On the moving day, there will be a lot of activity inside and outside hour home. It will be easy for the pets to slip out and get exposed to freezing temperatures. Pack their treats, food, toys and other supplies and send them over to a friend.

You can take numerous other useful steps for a successful winter move. Seek guidance from the right moving expert with the right background to make your move a pleasant experience.