Monday, 23 April 2018

Signs of a Wrong Moving Company

We have all heard about bad experiences and horror stories of moving companies. They make us even more concerned about choosing the right one, when we need to move. The truth is there are many reputable movers, who offer the benefit of their long experience, have the best men and equipment, and deliver exceptional service.

However, unfortunately, fraudulent movers are also plentiful. It is very important to be wary of such movers. Here are a few clear signs of a wrong moving company.

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No on-site estimates

Reputable movers offer on-site estimates with an elaborate itemized inventory. This ensures that the estimate replicates details of the things you need to move – with no surprises when the mover gives you the final bill.

Do not, therefore, trust a company that does not give you an on-site estimate. If a mover provides a quote without seeing the site first, it is highly likely you will pay in exasperation much more than what you expected.

No license

All moving companies should have a valid license. Keep in mind that if a moving company is unlicensed, they will not have cargo insurance, general liability coverage, etc. Moreover, the workers usually lack the experience and skills necessary to complete moves safely and successfully.

They are very likely to cause damage to your possessions and sustain personal injuries that you may have to deal with. In case you have an uneasy feeling that a company you plan to hire may be working without a legal permit, change your mind forthwith.

Way too cheap

There is a strong possibility that a mover, way too cheap, may not show up on the big day and you may end up in a fix. A very common thread between moving companies that do not show up is that they gave you an extremely low price. The truth is you will only get what you are ready to pay for.

Therefore, if a moving company offers you a price much lower than the estimates of other companies, you must suspect rather than trust the price-wise alluring. Such a company is probably ill experienced, hires undocumented movers, does not have a license, or will charge you exorbitant ‘hidden fees’ on your big day.

Another way by which these companies may save is by renting out trucks that are not conducive to moving. Cheap movers do not have the required funding to buy the right vehicles. This means you run the risk of damage to your possessions during moving.

Promise of the contract on the moving day

In case the company accepts your job on the phone and assures you that they will get you the contract on the day of the move, you must cancel the deal forthwith. A prior signed contract protects the customer against companies that may not show up, cause damage due to negligence, or increase prices when asking for payment.

Hiring a wrong mover can cause immeasurable damage and enormous stress. It would therefore be best to choose a well-reputed moving company and get your money’s worth.