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Types of Boxes used for Packing and Moving

There are many packing and boxing options available today, which often make it difficult for the mover to choose the best ones. Listed below are many packing options you can consider to make your move easier and more convenient!

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1. Paperboard boxes

These paper-based boxes are extremely lightweight. They can easily manipulate, and cut them for creating custom structures. They make these containers by transforming fibrous materials made out of recycled waste paper or wood. Paperboard packing has numerous grades suitable for a variety of requirements.

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) paperboard is highly suitable for keeping medicines, cosmetics, frozen food and the like. Kraft process helps make kraft paperboard, which is for people who prefer the environmentally friendly and natural look of recycled paper.

2. Corrugated boxes

These are from corrugated paper or cardboard. They come in numerous types depending on the strength and durability of the containers. Recognizing a particular corrugated material is easy. It comprises three paper layers, the outside liner, fluting and then an inside liner. Fluting gives it rigidity and strength.

The board can be folded and cut into various shapes and sizes to become corrugated packing. This is the most common type of boxes used when moving.

3. Plastic boxes

Many goods are best packed in plastic boxes. Several traditional materials, including leather, wood and glass can substitute for plastic.

Plastic boxes are a lot more durable when compared to paperboard boxes. Plastic boxes with airtight lids can preserve edibles that are already opened; they eliminate contamination problems. Moreover, plastic is hardy and can survive extreme conditions. Another reason why plastic is such a popular choice is that it can be transparent: you can easily see what is inside without the need for opening the box.

4. Rigid boxes

A rigid box is created from condensed paperboard, which is four times thicker than the ordinary paperboard. As it is rigid, it is used for packing expensive electronic items, board games, many beauty products and so on.

5. Poly bags

This is a durable, flexible, lightweight packing option. It is also cost-effective and can carry a variety of products such as food items, books, and so on. Poly bags can also be used with a water-resistant covering for sensitive items.

6. Heat seal foil bags

These bags are mostly used for packing tea and coffee as they keep the items dense; they protect the contents from bacteria and help increase shelf life. Apart from packing food items, these bags can pack clothing, bedding, cereals, nuts, and much more.  

It is clear that packing materials play an extremely important role in any successful move. It is important to choose the right kind of boxes for different items to ensure that they reach the destination damage free.

It is best for you to hire experts to decide on the right packaging material for a safe move. Most moving companies supply the right goods to make sure you have a hassle-free and pleasant moving experience.

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