Saturday, 23 February 2019

Frequently Asked Questions about Storage Units

Be it moving a house or remodeling rooms in your house, storage units come in very handy. However, there are certain vital things you should know, to ensure that your experience of hiring such units is a pleasant one. Given below are answers to a few questions frequently asked about these units.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

1. Who utilizes storage units?

People who require storage units are those who

Ø  travel away from home for long periods of time

Ø  shift to a new city

Ø  require extra space to store stocks

Ø  need storage space while refurnishing a house

Ø  plan to shift to a smaller house.

2. What are the items that can be stored in such units?

Storage units can be used for storing all kinds of goods including sports equipment, furniture, fitness equipment, documents, wines, paper clutter, clothing, papers, home furnishing, office stuff, etc. An item as small as a file, or as big as a vehicle, can be stored in a unit.

3. Are the levels of security good?

The truth is, locks and security guards are not enough to stop burglars. Some bad customers are the culprits who perform most robberies. They rent a unit inside and have easy access to the facility. They perform their deeds when the timing is right.

They use sophisticated tools of the trade to cut padlocks of units, and quietly replace them with padlocks of their own. Once the locks are out of the way, they can steal at will things stored in the targeted units. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, many providers fix CCTV cameras and high-end locking systems with automatic alarms, covering the entire facility.

4. What should I know about storage unit contracts?

Almost all storage companies ask you to sign a contract and hand them a deposit upfront. You get it back after the expiry of the contract.

5. Do all storage providers offer the same facilities?

No, different providers offer different types of units and services. Not all of them have the same kind of security provisions, sanitation and customer service. Understanding the differences between facilities can help you decide on the one best for you.

6. What are auctions of storage units?

A provider holds a storage auction when a customer has abandoned their goods in the facility and has failed to pay the unit’s rent. Auctions are essentially held for cost recovery, unpaid rent, etc. If someone cannot pay their dues in cash, storage providers permit them to auction the goods to clear their dues.

7. Do you need a climate-controlled storage unit?

Climate-controlled units help to protect your belongings from severe weather conditions, particularly if you wish to store clothing items or wooden furniture. Such things when stored in normal units for too long end up as junk, damaged by mildews and termites. If you want to secure your belongings irrespective of how long you keep them there, go for climate-controlled units.

It would be best to hire a storage unit from a reputed provider with long experience and excellent credentials.