Thursday, 23 May 2019

Keeping your Goods Safely in a Storing Unit :11 Tiny Hacks

Most of us have no clue to how heavy our furniture is until the time it requires moving to a different location. Using a storage unit for extra room can save the tedious job of relocating those heavy couches, beds, desks or even tables that are all unnecessary clutter in our home. Here are 11 helpful tips for storing furniture safely and appropriately in a storage unit:

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
1. Use planks: Make use of planks to raise the floor of the unit. This will help shelter your goods against flooding in case of heavy rains. Also, spread a quality plastic sheet over the raised floor in order to block moisture from entering your furniture.

2. Special bags: Several storing facilities offer bags specifically designed for sofas and mattresses. These bags should be used to protect furnishings from dust and moisture. You can also buy online such covers, if the facility does not have them.

3. Keep your couches and mattresses separately: Do not keep anything near a couch or mattress that can leak and transmit color.

4. Bubble wrap: Before keeping your beds or tables in a storage unit, dismantle them and wrap the parts separately using bubble wrap.

5. Stretch wrap: Stretch wrap is very handy to keep the doors of dressers, cabinets and drawers closed securely while shifting to the storage unit; it will hold the parts together safely in the unit as well.

6. Tape the corners: You should tape bubble wrap at the corners of all furnishings to avoid the very probable chipping of the edges.

7. Vertical storage: Store fragile items, such as mirrors and paintings vertically, as they have the tendency to break under their own weight.

8. Clean with care: When using a cleaning spray on your furnishing, allow it to dry out thoroughly, as leftover moisture can trigger mold growth.

9. Avoid using plastic: Make sure you keep away from fastening anything inside plastic, as trapped dampness can lead to the growth of yeast, mildew and termite.

10. Use climate-controlled units for sensitive electronics: Television sets and PC screens have a tendency to freeze and break under extreme climates. Therefore, use climate controlled facilities to keep such equipment.

11. Cotton cloth: Wrap your furnishings with cotton cloth to keep the dust away and permit airflow. Also, make sure that the covers are not in contact with the floor.

With all these useful tiny hacks, you can rest assured that your things will remain stacked securely. However, you need to make sure that the facility you choose provides top class security. The unit should take every measure to ensure that your goods remain well protected from dust, grimes, termites and thieves.

The warehouse should have 24-hour patrolling guards, security cameras and CCTV systems to monitor suspicious movements around and inside the storage unit. Trained cleaning professionals should take care of cleanliness and hygiene all around. Moreover, the facility should be well equipped to brave the vagaries of the elements.